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Starting a business, or revamping an existing one? Your identity starts with a snazzy logo or business card.

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Establish an online presence with a high-quality, mobile-friendly and optimized WordPress website.

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Learn to promote your new business through online channels like social media, email, and search marketing.

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Hello, hello! Nice to meet you.

A writer and graphic designer by education and a self-titled “digital guru” by training, I currently moonlight as a freelance designer and digital marketer. I seek to empower small businesses and start-ups with the services, skills, and tools needed to build a successful online presence.

I provide affordable and streamlined web design, graphic design, and digital marketing services exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of young companies.

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Recent Posts

  • 11/24/2014

    Learn to Make Awesome Animated Videos in Microsoft PowerPoint

    With video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo receiving over one billion unique visitors every month; start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to get in the video-making game. My new Udemy course will teach you a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to start cranking out videos using only Microsoft PowerPoint. Read More

  • 11/10/2014

    The Ultimate On-Page SEO Template

    The first step to using the Ultimate On-Page SEO Template is installing the necessary add-in for Microsoft Excel. Bing Ads Intelligence, a pretty sweet keyword research tool, is recommended for this template but not necessary. However, the add-in that will make your life significantly easier is SEOtools for Excel, by Niels Bosma. Read More

  • 10/21/2014

    5 Reasons to Augment Your SEO with Google AdWords

    It’s an age-old rivalry. It’s like cats versus dogs, Yankees versus Red Sox, Charizard versus Blastoise, or Batman versus Superman (for which I’m very excited). To what rivalry am I referring? Pay-per-click (PPC) versus search engine optimization (SEO), of course! Read More

  • 10/07/2014

    6 Great Freemium Tools for Small Business Owners

    Everyone has heard of the Grand Canyon, right? This powerful and vast steep-sided canyon attracts tens of thousands of tourists to Arizona every year. But, the Grand Canyon has nothing to do with this post. Read More

  • 10/02/2014

    Great Online Resources for Learning SEO

    Whether you’re planning to hire an agency to boost the search rankings of your website or you’re interested in learning to do it yourself, you will quickly find that there is a seemingly-unlimited amount of information related to the practice of search engine optimization. Read More


I seek to empower small businesses and start-ups with the services and skills needed to build and promote a successful online presence.


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