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Are you interested in affordable, high quality logo design?

Hello, hello! I’m a freelance designer!

(And, I do a bit of digital marketing as well.)

I specialize in supplementing WordPress websites with high quality graphic design, to improve the aesthetic appeal of your website. Furthermore, I’m a creative designer with a good grasp of modern marketing strategies, and I do my best to incorporate design into promotional campaigns: For example, marketing automation or inbound marketing. Lastly, I’m happy to accommodate any design-related project you can think up! In fact, the weirder the project, the more fun it is (He says confidently)!

Web Design and Development Evan VanDerwerker 300x300 Evan VanDerwerker: Creative Designer & Content Creator

WordPress website design

Need an affordable, flexible, and high quality website that’s easy to manage?

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Creative Design Evan VanDerwerker 300x300 Evan VanDerwerker: Creative Designer & Content Creator

Graphic design

Does your business need a snazzy logo, or does it just need a tune-up?

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Search Engine Optimization Evan VanDerwerker 300x300 Evan VanDerwerker: Creative Designer & Content Creator

Search engine optimization

Has your website’s traffic seen better days? Do you want to get back on track?

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My design services!

I like to think that anything that mixes design, the Internet, and digital marketing falls within (or close to) my wheelhouse. However, graphic design is my specialty! My design services include:

  • Website Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Logo Design or Redesign
  • Poster Design
  • Tradeshow Display Design

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But, why choose me?

I do this sort of thing professionally, though I run this site as a freelance business. This means that, with me, you receive professional services with the affordability and flexibility of a freelancer.

This stuff does require some know-how, but most of it isn’t as difficult as is tedious. I’ll do my best to fulfill your interests under any budget in any amount of time.

Not everyone (almost no one, in fact) is able to explain exactly what they imagine their website, logo, or brand to be. I always provide dozens and dozens of options and am more than willing to change courses mid-project.

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My mission is to provide affordable, tangible, and streamlined design and digital marketing services, tailored to fit the needs and resources of small companies.


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