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Bag Om Buret

What was the challenge?

Bag Om Buret is a Denmark-based (I think it’s pronounced “Danish”) podcast that covers topics related to mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting. I’ve listened to a few of their episodes and, though they’re speaking an alien language, they at least sound as if they know what they’re talking about! (I reckon I couldn’t have come up with a better compliment if I tried.)

In their words:

Der er et projekt vi tre har talt om noget tid, som vi nu sætter i søen, da vi syntes der manglede en dansk MMA podcast.

Like many of you, I don’t have a clue what any of that means. But, when they reached out to me, they were relatively new and seeking a snazzy (or “snassy,” as pronounced by the Danes) logo design.

The fellows wanted to step beyond the oh-so-typical design elements like fists, metal, or fighting gloves. Specifically, they wanted something that didn’t depict them as brutish brutes.

What was the solution?

Though the initial design was a bit too aggressive for the podcasters, they ended up taking two versions of the same concept. The logo was used in their Facebook page, their website’s header, and rumor has it that each of the gentlemen tattooed it onto their foreheads. (No, no they didn’t.)

Bag Om Buret Happy Logo DesignBag Om Buret Angry Logo DesignOne of the casters graciously provided a Doge-inspired testimonial:

“Evan’s work is something that I can highly recommend. Sent the first draft in a matter of days and delivered beyond expectations. Very skills. Such impressed. Wow.” – Christian

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