Creative Graphic Design

Whether it’s for small things like favicons or large things like billboards, it’s necessary to incorporate informative and compelling creative design. 

Professional graphic design gives you that edge, which will help you set yourself apart from your competitors. I’ll work with you to determine which medium will work best influencing your customers. If you can dream it up, I can bring it to life!

Logo Design

I design high quality logos. Whether you’re interested in a vector icon, a text-focused logo, or a little of both, I can help!

Don’t believe me? To see my past work, including logo designs, view my portfolio.


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Apparel Design

There is nothing people like more than a free T-shirt. Apparel design is a good way to get both a smile and ongoing advertising from potential customers. I can provide professional apparel design for whatever you have in mind.


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Brochure Design

Brochures are all about easy-to-digest messaging, taking all of the things you want to get across to a potential customers and boiling it down to the bare minimum. I’ll assist with the boiling and structuring the key messages within a snazzy design.


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Business Card Design

A business card is often the first impression (or the takeaway) you have with a potential customer. Therefore, it’s important that your card reflect the high-quality products or services your business has to offer. I can help develop or improve your business card design.


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Poster Design

Whether your poster be intended for print or web (or, both) I can help lay out your message for this traditional medium. Posters are a great way to get in front of prospects, and the more memorable the design, the more effective your campaign will be.


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Tradeshow Design

Tradeshows are still commonplace for many B2B companies, and it’s important to standout graphically when you’re vying for attention in a room of competitors. I can provide a high-quality tradeshow display design.


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Advertising design

Whether it’s for Pay-Per-Click or a custom banner, an eye-catching design goes a long way towards an effective advertisement.

Custom illustration

The more unique the idea, the better! I’ll take a stab at any concept of any size.

Invitation or greeting card design

Promote your next event with a well-designed invitation.

Layout design

Book me to design the layout for your next magazine, newsletter, or promotional literature.

Letterhead or stationary design

Branded letterhead design is a great way to increase brand awareness and exemplify professionalism. (It’s also just a cool thing to have!)

Packaging design

Wrap your goods with a good design! A clean package design is crucial to catch and convert potential buyers.

PowerPoint design

Whether you need a branded deck for your business, a snazzy design for your next sales pitch, or you’re just looking to make your next presentation stand-out, I can help!

Social media designs

All social media channels allow some level of customization. Be it your profile image, a header design, or supplementary images for your posts, good design goes a long way.

Ready to get started?

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Culpeper Baptist Church

[Evan] is extremely easy to get in touch with and knew exactly what we wanted. His costumer service game is on point… Our church has not really used graphics before, but now our website, bulletins, and signs in and around our building look fresh and up to date. Thanks for being our go-to guy for great graphics, Evan!

Samantha JonesYouth and Children’s Ministry Intern

Adventure Mom

Evan is a Jedi-mind reader:  A skill that’s a must-have when choosing a designer. Often times, what’s written in an email to a designer doesn’t translate to a finished design. Evan was able to visually communicate what we were trying to accomplish and each project turned out BETTER than expected.

Kathy Dalton, Founder


Evan was incredibly easy to communicate and work with. I am very much a beginner at this and he worked with me to develop a logo that represented exactly how I wanted to portray my company (and had creative ideas that I never would have had). I have already recommended his services to multiple potential clients.

Will Ritmiller, Founder

Qvt Financial LP

Evan is a creative graphic designer who seems to have a knack for understanding exactly what his customer is looking for in a particular project. Evan designed a corporate team t-shirt for me which involved creating avatars for more than a dozen people. The end product was perfect and turned out much better than I expected. I absolutely plan to reach out to Evan for any future design project needs.

Nikki Jebson

Snowball Copy

Evan is a communication triple threat: design, digital and social. Not only did he design a dynamic logo for my business that completely mirrored my vision, but he artfully and efficiently created my website, ensuring it was SEO-optimized and easy to use. He did all of this while advising me on my social media implications and opportunities. I can’t recommend Evan highly enough.

Toni Schaetz, Founder

Earthbound Geospatial

Evan is an effective communicator who successfully manages end-user needs requirements in order to deliver the desired results. He responds with very quick turn around times and has always made himself available at a moment’s notice to troubleshoot. I’d recommend Evan to anyone. Great job!

Kate Lyndegaard, Founder

Roberta Falkner

Evan created an avatar for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased. He was able to take my likeness from an old, faded driver’s license and create an avatar that actually looks like me. Evan’s a gifted artist and a fantastic graphic designer, and I’m delighted our paths have crossed. Thank you, Evan!

Roberta Falkner

Exloc Instruments, Inc.

Evan migrated our previous WordPress (WP) site across to a new, modern, mobile friendly Wordpress site. We were surprised at how quickly Evan had us up and running on the newly-designed site, and we are now receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Thank you Evan!

Ed Beardshaw, VP Sales & Marketing

Bag Om Buret

Evan’s work is something that I can highly recommend. Sent the first draft in a matter of days and delivered beyond expectations. Very skills. Such impressed. Wow.

Christian Vinge Frederiksen


I seek to empower small businesses and start-ups with the services and skills needed to build and promote a successful online presence.

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