Brochure design

Brochures are definitely a traditional medium. As well-used as they are, brochures are an easy and effective way of distributing key messages to stakeholders, current customers, and potential customers.

What is brochure design?

Brochure design is a creative design competency that combines professional writing with graphic design technology. The trick to an effective brochure is striking a balance between a memorable design and the inevitable lack of real-estate for text. Furthermore, it’s important that you’re able to both emphasize what you do as an individual or company, as well as portray that you offer better products and more reliable services than your competitors.

Oftentimes, brochure design is the most cost-effective way of providing an easy-to-digest takeaway that represents your business. My approach to brochure design is focused on applying these concepts to your goals and, more importantly, your brand.

Brochure design services:

  • High-quality brochure design: I hate dull, trivial brochures as much as the next guy. It’s also annoying to receive brochures that compel nothing more than a quick glance and a drop in the trash. To avoid these negatives I offer professional, memorable brochure designs.
  • Fast turnaround time, without sacrificing quality: Whatever your deadline, I’ll be sure to have your brochure design ready for submitting to the printer. Furthermore, no brochure design project will be marked as completed until you’re 100% satisfied with what you’ve received.
  • Assistance developing the concept: Whether assistance is needed with the design or the text, I can give you a hand. Even if we start with nothing, I’d be happy to bounce ideas with you.
  • Readying for your printer: A brochure design is only as good as it looks when printed. Whether you’re printing in-house, have a printer on staff, or working with a third-party service, I’m more than willing to step in where necessary with recommendations and assistance.
  • No obligation ordering: You won’t pay for your brochure design until you have exactly what you want. Even if a project is 90% complete, you won’t be expected to pay if you’re unsatisfied (though, I will complain about you at the dinner table).

Tips for effective brochure design

  • Consider using a Quick Response (QR) code to further engage recipients who have smart phones. (Often, the true benefit of QR codes is that many people just can’t help themselves!)
  • Don’t be afraid to be unique. You want to avoid the drib-drab designs of your competitors, so what do you have to lose?
  • Incorporate elements that will require recipients to hold on to your brochure: coupons, links to free downloads, and the like.

Let’s get to work!

Even if you’re not sure you want or need a brochure for your company, it can’t hurt to shoot me an e-mail to discuss your idea.

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Qvt Financial LP

Evan is a creative graphic designer who seems to have a knack for understanding exactly what his customer is looking for in a particular project. Evan designed a corporate team t-shirt for me which involved creating avatars for more than a dozen people. The end product was perfect and turned out much better than I expected. I absolutely plan to reach out to Evan for any future design project needs.

Nikki Jebson

Roberta Falkner

Evan created an avatar for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased. He was able to take my likeness from an old, faded driver’s license and create an avatar that actually looks like me. Evan’s a gifted artist and a fantastic graphic designer, and I’m delighted our paths have crossed. Thank you, Evan!

Roberta Falkner

Earthbound Geospatial

Evan is an effective communicator who successfully manages end-user needs requirements in order to deliver the desired results. He responds with very quick turn around times and has always made himself available at a moment’s notice to troubleshoot. I’d recommend Evan to anyone. Great job!

Kate Lyndegaard, Founder


Evan was incredibly easy to communicate and work with. I am very much a beginner at this and he worked with me to develop a logo that represented exactly how I wanted to portray my company (and had creative ideas that I never would have had). I have already recommended his services to multiple potential clients.

Will Ritmiller, Founder

Bag Om Buret

Evan’s work is something that I can highly recommend. Sent the first draft in a matter of days and delivered beyond expectations. Very skills. Such impressed. Wow.

Christian Vinge Frederiksen

Culpeper Baptist Church

[Evan] is extremely easy to get in touch with and knew exactly what we wanted. His costumer service game is on point… Our church has not really used graphics before, but now our website, bulletins, and signs in and around our building look fresh and up to date. Thanks for being our go-to guy for great graphics, Evan!

Samantha JonesYouth and Children’s Ministry Intern

Snowball Copy

Evan is a communication triple threat: design, digital and social. Not only did he design a dynamic logo for my business that completely mirrored my vision, but he artfully and efficiently created my website, ensuring it was SEO-optimized and easy to use. He did all of this while advising me on my social media implications and opportunities. I can’t recommend Evan highly enough.

Toni Schaetz, Founder

Adventure Mom

Evan is a Jedi-mind reader:  A skill that’s a must-have when choosing a designer. Often times, what’s written in an email to a designer doesn’t translate to a finished design. Evan was able to visually communicate what we were trying to accomplish and each project turned out BETTER than expected.

Kathy Dalton, Founder

Exloc Instruments, Inc.

Evan migrated our previous WordPress (WP) site across to a new, modern, mobile friendly Wordpress site. We were surprised at how quickly Evan had us up and running on the newly-designed site, and we are now receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Thank you Evan!

Ed Beardshaw, VP Sales & Marketing


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