What’s Been Keeping Me Busy

Here’s a tally of projects (seriously, I counted) and a selection of my favorite work.

WordPress Websites

Logo Designs

Vector Graphics

T-Shirt Designs

Cartoon Illustrations

Vector Graphics

I’ve created 50+ vector cartoon illustrations of real people. It began years ago, where I’d illustrate a random Facebook page fan each week. They all feature my signature, cross-eyed style!


WordPress Website

One of my own projects, Instructory offers online courses about creating online courses. Pretty meta, huh? I built the site, and have since launched 3 video courses to 7,500+ paying students on Udemy.

Bag Om Buret

Logo Design

Bag Om Buret (“Behind the Cage”) is a Danish podcast that covers topics related to mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting. They were in need of a unique, versatile logo. I gave them a growling face adorned with a mouthpiece.


WordPress Website

I joined an early-stage B2B startup offering two Shopify scheduling apps. After participating in the 9MilesLab accelerator program, the founders left the business to me. I rebranded it Elappse and grew it to 650+ paying customers.


Vector Graphics

Chiime is a mobile app that allows users to “get on a soapbox and vent to the world.” The team wanted custom illustrations to introduce the features. I obliged.

You’re in Good Company

The smartest (and most attractive) people in the world choose to work with me.
Evan is a Jedi mind reader: A skill that’s a must-have when choosing a designer. Often times, what’s written in an email to a designer doesn’t translate to a finished design. Evan was able to visually communicate what we were trying to accomplish and each project turned out better than expected. Kathy Dalton

Founder, Adventure Mom

Evan is an effective communicator who successfully manages end-user needs requirements in order to deliver the desired results. He responds with very quick turnaround times and has always made himself available at a moment’s notice to troubleshoot. I’d recommend Evan to anyone. Great job! Kate Lyndegaard

Founder, Earthbound Geospatial

Evan is a communication triple threat: design, digital and social. Not only did he design a dynamic logo for my business that completely mirrored my vision, but he artfully and efficiently created my website, ensuring it was SEO-optimized and easy to use. He did all of this while advising me on my social media implications and opportunities. I can’t recommend Evan highly enough. Toni Schaetz McKee

Owner, Snowball Content

Evan’s work is something that I can highly recommend. Sent the first draft in a matter of days and delivered beyond expectations. Very skills. Such impressed. Wow. Christian Vinge Frederiksen

Member, Bag Om Buret

Evan is extremely easy to get in touch with and knew exactly what we wanted. His costumer service game is on point…[Now] our website, bulletins, and signs in and around our building look fresh and up to date. Thanks for being our go-to guy for great graphics, Evan! Samantha Jones

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